May 2022

Skydive for Hospiscare

12 everyday Taylor Lewis heroes took to the sky above beautiful Devon with the wonderfully supportive team at Sky Dive Buzz to raise much needed funds for our charity of the year Hospiscare. Conditions could not have been more perfect as they settled into their safety briefing and focused on completing the challenge. Ellie and Martin representing Hospiscare then took the time to remind the jumpers of what their support means, and the impact they will have on the care of the communty they serve. Shortly after, the first names were read over the tannoy and the event started. Seemingly without hesitation, each team member showed their determination and courage as they suited up and got ready for the flight.

Not every super hero wears a cape. Some wear parachutes and a huge smile.

To date we have managed to raise £6,025 which is an incredible amount. Thank you to all of our supporters.