Retrofit Training Centre, Exeter




26 weeks


Employers Agent
Cost Consultant
Retrofit Co-ordinator 




Exeter College

Case Study

Retrofit Training Facility – the first in the UK


In collaboration with APG Architecture we designed a Retrofit Training Centre for Exeter College.

This ties together our Retrofit Strategy principles with the ambitions of Exeter City Council, who have committed to making Exeter a net-zero carbon city by 2030.

To achieve this ambitious target, construction workers require the correct skills for this work: Exeter College are looking to build a facility to enable this at both a grass routes apprenticeship level and to up-skill existing construction professionals.

The design consists of two key retrofit assets, enclosed by a weatherproof structure which enables protected and secure working conditions throughout the year. The training assets emulate the form of several standard house types and build-ups, enabling students to train in retrofit methods over numerous scenarios, accessing all levels by a series of working platforms. The weatherproof structure is a translucent envelope, built with layers of polycarbonate and filigree timber screens over a bold superstructure. This maintains privacy but allows light in during the day and creates a glowing cube at night as the artificial light spills out through the timber finned facade.